Overall mission:

HopeLKN exists to bring HOPE to our community by partnering with local charities and non-profits who are making a difference in the Lake Norman Area. We do this by raising awareness of these organizations as well as financial support through fundraisers and community events leveraging technology, music, and the arts.

This is accomplished through the implementation of a three-tiered approach:

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1. Community Awareness: The creation and application of local programs that raise community awareness of HopeLKN and our overall mission while meeting a need in the community, as well as establishing local for-profit businesses for additional community awareness and creates income to assist with basic operational expenses that allow our businesses and programs to continue. These currently include the following:

  • RePurpose

2. Focus Events: These events are designed to have a narrowed community focus, potentially with a specific sponsor. This allows for the acting sponsor to be intentional about being present in their community, as well as the opportunity for HopeLKN to not only bring about more community awareness of our overall mission, but also to raise funds that will allow us to organize and implement “Outreach Events”.

 3. Outreach Events: These events are specifically designed with the intent to raise awareness and monetary support for our Strategic Partners. Our amazing partner organizations are already positively impacting the community each and every day. We value their efforts and wish to assist them with their mission to serve our community well. Outreach Events are primarily funded by focus events as well as business sponsorships. Because these events are on a grander scale, they give us the opportunity to multiply the money raised during our focus events, which is then distributed evenly among our Strategic Partners.