CARe PACK Centers

We are currently looking to add more Official CARe PACK Centers! Please read the description below to see if you could be our next CARe PACK Champion!

OUR GOAL: We have a desire to surround the greater Charlotte area with 6 official CARe PACK Center locations in order to provide easy access to donation drop-off and CARe PACK pick-up for individuals no matter where you are in the city. With the development of the CARe PACK App, our long-term goal is to have our efforts in Charlotte, NC to become a blueprint for other cities around the country and beyond!

No matter where you are, if you are an individual, local business, church or other nonprofit organization that is interested in establishing an Official CARe PACK Center location, please review the following description and then LET US KNOW HERE!

To best serve our homeless neighbors and to maintain a professional representation of HopeLKN and the CARe PACK program, the following description should be reflected in each official CARe PACK Center.

  • Physical Location: A physical location with drive-up access or parking within a reasonable distance to the main door. Ideally, this location would be visible and easily identifiable to someone unfamiliar with the area.
  • Storage Space: A dedicated space large enough to store donated items and already packed CARe PACKS waiting to be picked up. It would be beneficial if this space was large enough to hold “Pack Parties” that could accommodate up to a dozen people. This is not necessary, as “Pack Parties” could be held at off-site locations.
  • Controlled Environment: Because the center will be used to store food and drink, the space should be climate controlled to protect the integrity of the items for the CARe PACKs. It should also be an area reasonably “protected” from rodents, etc.
  • Location Contact: The community should be able to contact their local CARe PACK Center if they have questions or would like to schedule a drop-off or pick-up appointment. Therefore, each official location should have a “CARe PACK Champion” or leader as a point of contact who can answer/return calls regarding their specific location. Inquiries to HopeLKN regarding a specific location would be forwarded to this person.

The following are our current CARe PACK Center locations and contact information:


Journey Church Office

15711 Brookway Dr.

Huntersville NC, 28078

Mon-Fri : 10am-2pm or by other times by appointment by calling 704-769-3377           or 704-892-9797


North Charlotte

Mosaic North Campus

10624 Metromont Pkwy, #302

Charlotte NC, 28269

Tue-Fri 9am-5pm


Charlotte Metro

Mosaic Metro

1817 Central Ave.

Charlotte, NC 28205

By appointment only by calling 704-769-3377