LKN Fitness Tribe Wars

An Entertaining Battle To Be The Best!

Welcome to LKN Fitness Tribe Wars! Aside from providing fun and entertainment for spectators, the purpose of this community event will be to create a sponsorship opportunity for local fitness businesses to accomplish 3 things…

  • Be able to market/advertise their business
  • Be involved in community philanthropy by financially supporting HopeLKN’s CARe PACK program an our other upcoming 2019 events with your entry fee
  • Offer a team building/client appreciation opportunity
  • COMPETE FOR BRAGGING RIGHTS (and trophy of course)! 🙂

Participating business logos will be included in social and print marketing for the event.

Participation Details:

  • 4 member teams (businesses can enter more than one team)
  • Costs/Fees :Team Entry Fee – $240 (Includes booth and event t-shirt), Vendor Booth – $25

To Sign Up, SEND US AN EMAIL for payment link and event info!

  • First to 500: includes sit-ups, burpees, tricep dips, air squats
  • 21 Jump Street: includes jump rope, box jumps, lateral jumps, obstacles
  • Grand Slam: includes slam balls, bodyweight rows, battle rope
  • P-P-Push It Good: includes push-ups (scored using male and female army standards)
  • Killer Kickball: includes, alt. lunge jumps, mountain taps, “killer” run
  • Big Ballin’: includes four different heavy ball throws
  • Get-N Tired: hit, carry and pull a tire
  • Floor Is Lava: balance, teamwork and strength event
  • Planker-Pillar: team plank race with “last man up” bear crawl
  • 7 Card Stud: includes pike roll out, pistol squats, bicep curl, stand-up sit-ups, & more
  • Real Farmers Carry: Foot race carrying (then smashing) a watermelon

See these events demonstrated here:

Event day details regarding “KidZone”, food/drink trucks, vendor table/tent space will be updated soon.