Welcome to HopeLKN !

Where YOU can make a difference and bring HOPE to your community.  (Our goal is to provide you with a few ways to do so!) 

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Overall mission:

HopeLKN exists to bring HOPE to our community by partnering with local charities and non-profits who are making a difference in the Lake Norman Area. We do this by raising awareness of these organizations as well as financial support through fundraisers and community events leveraging technology, music, and the arts.

This is accomplished through the implementation of a three-tiered approach:

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1. Community Awareness: The creation and application of local programs that raise community awareness of HopeLKN and our overall mission while meeting a need in the community, as well as establishing local for-profit businesses for additional community awareness and creates income to assist with basic operational expenses that allow our businesses and programs to continue. These currently include the following:

  • RePurpose

2. Focus Events: These events are designed to have a narrowed community focus, potentially with a specific sponsor. This allows for the acting sponsor to be intentional about being present in their community, as well as the opportunity for HopeLKN to not only bring about more community awareness of our overall mission, but also to raise funds that will allow us to organize and implement “Outreach Events”.

 3. Outreach Events: These events are specifically designed with the intent to raise awareness and monetary support for our Strategic Partners. Our amazing partner organizations are already positively impacting the community each and every day. We value their efforts and wish to assist them with their mission to serve our community well. Outreach Events are primarily funded by focus events as well as business sponsorships. Because these events are on a grander scale, they give us the opportunity to multiply the money raised during our focus events, which is then distributed evenly among our Strategic Partners.



Strategic Partners

Below you will find some general information on our amazing Strategic Partners (LKN area non-profits) that are positively impacting the community each and every day. These organizations are the benefactors of the awareness that is created through HopeLKN events and the donations that you give. On behalf of these wonderful organizations… we’d like to extend a great, big “THANK YOU!” 

Exists to support the people of Huntersville, Cornelius, Davidson, and South Iredell County toward becoming better educated, healthier, and / or economically self-sufficient. This is accomplished by working to improve the quality of life for the residents of our communities through the integrated delivery of health, education, and human services.

The Center is located at 212 Gamble Street, Davidson, NC 28036 www.adajenkins.org

Located in Huntersville NC, Hope House provides housing and support services for single unaccompanied women or women with children (boys up to age 8 only) experiencing “situational” homelessness. With up to 12 beds in a pleasant congregate living environment, Hope House encourages transformative life choices and helps women from various backgrounds, age groups, and from all walks of life.


Exists to serve children and families throughout North Carolina to provide a safe, healing journey for hurting children and families, creating hope now and in the future. Their comprehensive services and programs are designed to give hope to their clients by providing a safe home, healing their hurt and encouraging a healthy start. Barium Springs is part of the Children’s Hope Alliance and is located Barium Springs, NC, just north of Mooresville.


Bags of Hope brings hope to the Lake Norman area by providing weekend food provisions to elementary and  middle school children who experience food insecurity. Child sponsorship, corporate and individual donations, and volunteer efforts, such as Packing Parties, have allowed Bags of Hope to serve dozens of children and their families since 2013.  




There are currently no events scheduled.

Check back soon as we have a few in planning stages!

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On June 1st, 2019, HopeLKN held a comedy night featuring comedians Andrew Stanley and Ed Wiley. In addition to exposure to the 400+ people in attendance, the evening was a financial blessing to Above & Beyond Missions, Caterpillar Ministries and HopeLKN. One HUGE take-a-way for us was to see what we can accomplish when multiple organizations, churches, individuals, and businesses come together! 

On St. Patrick’s Day of 2018, HopeLKN held a comedy event benefitting Bags of Hope- a nonprofit that provides food for school kids who struggle with food insecurity on the weekends. Not only were the comedians HILARIOUS, but just a few dollars short of $1,000 was raised for Bags of Hope through the generosity of those who attended this focus event! Thank you!

“Hope for the Holidays” was a two-day, live music event held in Birkdale Village. The purpose of the event was to provide entertainment for the community as well as to create awareness for a select group of our strategic partners. The entire “Hope For The Holidays” event was broadcasted all over the world via live stream, hosted on www.HopeLKN.com.

During the event, there was an immediate opportunity to offer financial support to these Non-Profits by visiting the HopeLKN booths in Birkdale and at Christmas in Davidson. It was then replayed in its entirety on December 18th & 19th during the same time frame and with the same opportunities to give all month long!

As a result of the “Hope for the Holidays” event and the generosity of our community, we were able to raise $103, 393! These funds were then evenly distributed among the four participating Non-Profits. THANK YOU!


How can we help?

If you would like more information on our Strategic Partners, information on up-coming events, or general information about HopeLKN, RePurpose or Bags of Hope, feel free to contact us any of the following ways: